Are you ready for a 5-day mini challenge?

Let’s talk about using social marketing IN YOUR NETWORK MARKETING

Business is hard and it’s even harder to go there alone.  Are you thinking that you might just need the light turning on?

Do you struggle to know which direction to go and are you holding yourself back?

Getting in your own way or maybe you’re not putting yourself out there enough on social media?

Working hard for little return and no idea what to do next?


Ask yourself these questions

Are you looking for some direction, a road map to where you should go next with your business?

Would you like some attraction marketing tips and some idea’s on how to use social media in your business?

Are you ready to stop doing the same old, same old and hoping for different results?


Learn the basis of my easily duplicable system for organically growing your business that helped grow my own business.

Learn the techniques I continue to pass down to my own network marketing team which still creates top sellers and team leaders today using simple duplication and attraction marketing methods!


So who is Sharon?

I help confused and frustrated direct sellers & network marketers become more confident business owners by harnessing the power of Facebook and social marketing to build the business of their dreams by keeping it real & by being authentic.
I teach women of all ages how to build a loyal fan base using a social marketing and personal branding strategy so they can share their own uniqueness online (and offline).

As a social media strategist and a top UK leader in Network Marketing with a team of over 10,000 worldwide members and still finds new team members and client’s online.

I have my finger on the pulse as to what is working right now and would love to share it with you to help you grow a business with a new found confidence!

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Feedback from previous training on ‘Kickstart’

I joined this workshop as being new to Networking I needed strong and clear advice as to how I could approach it. Also from a genuine source. 
I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this workshop, I like the fact there was a dedicated Facebook group as you felt it was a one stop shop for support and guidance. My reason for following Sharon’s training was I have followed her on social media and seen her journey so knew her training was reputable and got results. Customer Service is excellent, messages answered quickly and fully, I feel this is important when undertaking any training. I would highly recommend the mini training to anyone who feels they need clear direction. If in a financial position to do so I would be happy to purchase other content/training ~ Sue 


I joined the workshop to help with a clear approach on how I was taking my business forward. I enjoyed the tasks the most as it made me get involved and be accountable. I have always followed Sharon’s training particularly her YouTube channel as I hadn’t seen anything like it before. Whilst I had no questions for Sharon to answer I enjoyed the fact that she replied to each person that posted with extra advice. Yes I would recommend your training to anyone in Network Marketing ~Sharon

I joined the workshop for me and my business to go forward and get the audience I need. I really enjoyed the tasks and Sharon’s training on all aspects in which I appreciated. I would recommend that people who want to go far in their own business watch her YouTube videos aswell. Thank you ~Helen