We all get it and have all probably been there at some point, the moment when no-one comments or even acknowledge’s you have just posted something that ‘you think’ is amazing in your VIP group.

I will now share with you some possible ‘why’s’ as to why people are not engaging with your Facebook posts and I will also share some tip’s and idea’s for how you can increase your engagement in your VIP Facebook Group.

Why people ‘should’ request to join your group

  1. Its content is exclusive to only members, they will see things first and get special discounts and offers
  2. They feel special and important and closer to your knowledge and skills
  3. You value their opinion & input from polls you create and questions you ask them

Now is the time to look at that post, and your group in general and look at who you have in your group and the value YOU are actually giving them EVERY DAY.

How to stop the flop

A good starting point is to look at what content you’re posting when you are posting and who you have added to your group.

Who – is NO BENEFIT to your group and will not help with your sales efforts

Fellow team members
Having a fellow consultant from your company and having them in your VIP group is no benefit to you at all, the only benefit is that the rep can use your idea’s to benefit their own group to get sales, they are certainly not there to buy your products or services. If this consultant goes on to engage in a post, Facebook will also think they are your ideal customers and keep showing your content to them. I only allow those who were a VIP and then were personally sponsored by me to remain in the VIP group for a further 3 months so they can learn how to run their own group. I keep personally sponsored key leaders in my group so they can also train and pass on the tips to their teams ‘duplication’ and this will overall, increase everyone’s points and revenue!
My VIP group is that and those who genuinely request to join and get the value of being part of my community. Don’t forget to utilise the ‘ASK A QUESTION’ in your group’s settings and ask questions that help you get to know the new member of your group add a link to your google sample request form so people are seeing the important information from the start!

Adding people from a post you see (Loops)

All of my training is about attraction marketing and relationship building there are no relationships at all being built from loops, some may work initially but for long-term business, it will eventually prove to be hard work to keep the engagement going and you will grow a very inactive group that is just based on member numbers.

Who was added in the first place?

1. Maybe they never personally requested to join your group and were added by another member.

2. Maybe you have done a post in the past ‘add your friends to the group to win a prize’. This is another sure way people have no clue who you are so building up a relationship is going to be a long process, that’s even if they are interested in your content in the first place!

3. Maybe they were added from a loop post seen in another group you are a member of and you replied with your group link with no description to what value your group held for them – therefore they didn’t have a genuine interest in your group from the start and we’re just being polite and wanted their own numbers up (and now they also are wondering why their group is inactive!

What – is NO BENEFIT to your group and will not help with your sales efforts

Posting 90% product sales & images

As zig Ziglar once quoted “Stop selling, start helping”

If your group is 100% product sales related (now don’t be shocked here) but the chances are your group will be somewhat flat, unless you are really engaging with your fans and doing LIVE product demonstrations and lessons on making jewellery or doing some live food prep show or demonstrations on how to apply makeup or how to wear a certain jewellery item and doing them live will increase  from being in your group’ It is just like a follower on Instagram – you should only ask to join a group if you seriously are interested in the groups content and intend on being an active part of that community. If you don’t, then don’t join it and this is all you need to remember. Join and like only things that are of value to YOU. This also rings true with customers. So give value.

Why – when you are not looking at your insights or speaking to your ideal customer is NO BENEFIT to your group and will not help with your sales efforts

Not knowing who your ideal customer is
If you post at 8.30am and your ideal customer is a parent, then the chances are they won’t see the post because they are stressing over the school run, so think about what time they will be at home and be relaxing and looking through Facebook. Do some research and consider scheduling posts that are set to go at the right time of day to reach your customers the most. Check out your group and page insights to see when your ideal customers are online. When your group gets to 200 members you can access the group’s insights tool, before then you can use sociograph.io, this is a great website to track groups & pages insights and active members!

post content around ‘their’ interests 

Now you know what time they are most active, now to find out what interests them, do some more research and post topics around their interests, it won’t be all about products!Think of fashion tips, makeup tips, beauty hacks, mum hacks, idea’s for slow cookers (start the conversation asking for help on what to cook for tea that night, people love to share their favourite recipe’s!) Now you know who they are and what interests them it’s time to build up the relationships.

I discuss more on finding  your ideal customer is in my monthly FREE 5-day kickstart training, you can read more about it and register HERE


There are a couple of quick fix ways to weed out those who will never engage in your group, let’s look into the quick fixes to clean up your group

Change the name of your group for a day or so

Have you seen these yourself pop up on your newsfeed? You could change the group name to ‘Claire’s online party weekend’, everyone who is in your group gets a notification even if they haven’t seen your posts in a while!
This now will ping up in peoples notifications and remind them they actually joined your group and then those who don’t want in it will probably choose this moment to leave, this is perfect for you as the group owner as those people who left had no value to you, they clearly didn’t want to be part of your community so you can now focus on serving those in your group with more of your amazing personality and nurture those relationships and will be more valuable to you in the long term.

And an even better opportunity for you to host a live product demonstration/party!

Create an event and invite everyone from your group

Because this is the ultimate NO in attraction marketing and should never mass invite people because it isn’t making or building relationships (and you wouldn’t invite all 707 people on your Facebook list to your own home party would you – no difference), but if you want to be part of a community and group, then you don’t mind being notified and will look forward to the event! Again, this will weed out those who are just sitting there doing nothing and adding no value to your group.

Change the group settings from closed to secret or to public and then apologise!

Again, everyone will get a notification who is in the group and will remind them they are in it, if they don’t want to be a part of it they will quickly leave giving you a group that has people who want to be in and not just to bump up numbers and never see anything you post.

bring out the lurkers post

This is just one of a few engagement ideas you can try to re-light your group’s fire. Create a graphic or feel free to use any of these.

Using only one word, describe your favourite part of your day so far


Do you need more idea’s to engage your members, what about lots of game ideas? Check out my article How to bring the fun back to your Facebook group

Have you tried new way’s to re-engage your community in your Facebook group? Let me know what has worked for you, I’d love to know


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