Be authentically you 

Welcome to my space, this is where I share my top tips on running a business online (and offline) in a direct ‘no  fluff’ way.


I built my business up from nothing, literally zilch and all online using social media. I had no experience in network marketing, no experience in sales and hadn’t a large circle of friends either. I became one of the fastest growing teams in the UK and one of the top leaders. I went on to repeat this winning system throughout my team. I will share all my tips with you so you can start today by implementing the same strategies that still work now.


I help confused and frustrated direct sellers & network marketers become more confident business owners by harnessing the power of Facebook and social marketing to build the business of their dreams by keeping it real & by being authentic. I teach women of all ages how to build a loyal fan base using a social marketing and personal branding strategy so they can share their own uniqueness online (and offline).


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Time Management, when working from home in network marketing or direct sales is crucial as you have to balance your home-based business alongside running a home, being a parent and possibly working another business alongside this or even having a job which can be a constant juggling act if you let it.

You have to really be strict with yourself and your time and get into the habit of working towards a weekly plan to help you keep to the task which can be really hard with those everyday distractions.

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I don’t know where to start or what to blog about

Is this you? Are you holding yourself back from making a mark in your company? I get this answer all the time, so I thought I would give you all some idea’s on how to start a blog in your direct sales or network marketing business so let’s start at the beginning and cover why you actually need to blog.

Why you need to blog:

Stand out from the crowd (not many people are doing it)

Make it your own,

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