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Be authentically you 

Welcome to my space, this is where I share my top tips on running a business online (and offline) in a direct ‘no  fluff’ way.


I built my business up from nothing, literally zilch and all online using social media. I had no experience in network marketing, no experience in sales and hadn’t a large circle of friends either. I became one of the fastest growing teams in the UK and one of the top leaders. I went on to repeat this winning system throughout my team. I will share all my tips with you so you can start today by implementing the same strategies that still work now.


I help confused and frustrated direct sellers & network marketers become more confident business owners by harnessing the power of Facebook and social marketing to build the business of their dreams by keeping it real & by being authentic. I teach women of all ages how to build a loyal fan base using a social marketing and personal branding strategy so they can share their own uniqueness online (and offline).


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It’s all about using a unique quote-along with a unique image to stand out from other consultants

I personally know how hard it can so I have come up with 50 tea quotes to you to use for your network marketing and direct sales business.

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Do you ever wonder what hashtags you should be using to get people to find you and your products?

Love them or hate them,

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how to plan a theme for your blog for 4 weeks THEN split it up into four weekly topics for your social media posts

Let me share with you all how to plan a monthly blog topic that will give you a weekly social media plan at the same time!

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