Here’s my last blog post of 2017 and I will share with you all a wrap up of my year and what I plan to achieve in my 44th year, so here it goes my personal takeaway of my 43rd year on earth.


We started 2017 being in our new home for 2 weeks, it was one I had always dreamed I would own and started the year never being more happier, 4 bedrooms, driveway, conservatory and even my dream Pergola in the garden (yes, these things do start to excite you when you reach 40, it happens to us all!)







January saw us all face things we would never have to deal with, the devastating news that my ex-husband was very ill and was only 48 years old. The news of his terminal illness was so severe that it meant my eldest son had to arrange a flight home from Colombia where he now lives to see his dad before he actually passed away, they just made seeing him for 3 hours before he died!

Something you never EXPECT to see

So as you can see the start of my year began with great loss, facing demons of the past and managing many mixed emotions – life is set to test us and put us through the wringer but it’s even more challenging  when you have children and watching your eldest son carry his fathers coffin was something I never thought I would even have to witness! But he made me so proud, and how my daughter was so strong was a great credit to myself for bringing up two very strong children which take’s me on to the next test I faced this year.

The umbilical cord doesn’t get cut it just stretches that little longer

This year continued to see my children fly the nest, a moment you can never fully prepare yourself for.  My eldest decided to learn Spanish and move to a country where he could fully immerse himself in the language and culture, however, he didn’t decide on moving to Majorca – he moved to Colombia!

I am happy he is chasing his dreams and experiencing life outside of our Northern City home in Carlisle, but like any parent, I just wish he was close by as I miss him terribly and my mission for 2018 is to hit new levels with my FM business and focus on my social marketing and training business so I can then free up some time to travel out to see him #2018goals

Proud Mum moment

So my youngest this year overcome many learning issues and a missed year of study,  clashes with teachers, confidence issues and boyfriends that were no good for her and earned herself one of only sixty places at Liverpool John Moore’s University to study Fine Art with one day the view to teaching young adults like herself.  She enrolled herself onto an Access to HE course at our local college, worked really hard with ‘not so many distractions’ and fulfilled her dream of moving and studying in Liverpool, such an amazing city.

We went to bring her home for Christmas and spent the night there, I’m so excited for her future there. The end of 2017 has seen me being ever so proud of both my kid’s.

Now as for me…

I continue to build a business with FM World UK and it saw so many new Orchid team leaders within my downline that make me so proud,  I continue to follow their stories of success as they duplicate and grow amazing teams themselves.

My business also enabled me and my husband, Clint to go on our first ever holiday ALONE and with no kid’s, no teenagers asking for Wifi or saying they’re bored – that long-awaited day had eventually come. We took Sophie to university in September and a week later we were in the Gran Canaria sunshine drinking cocktails. This helped me quickly get used to having no kids at home!

My direct FM team continues to inspire me daily, just by seeing so many women learn new skills and grow with confidence fills me with pride so much so that it see’s me go into 2018 by opening up and sharing my training techniques and systems with others and I now offer my business training to anyone including a new training website with courses suitable for all levels (and many FREE) and will cover everything to push your direct sales and network marketing business to the next level.  To be notified when the first training will be available please subscribe to my NEWSLETTER or join our Facebook community below.

You can request to join my Social Marketing training group over on Facebook with the LET’S GET SOCIAL SUITE a new community of mum’s that want to learn and develop new skills together.

My word for 2018

So I end my last blog post for 2017 with my word of 2018, the word that will push me through the levels in my network marketing business and push me into developing my coaching business, ACCELERATE and that’s exactly what I intend to do this year, accelerate through the year and smash all my goals. 

What’s your word? I’d love to know – please leave a comment below and share with me your word and why you choose it







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