Welcome to my space, this is where I share my top tips on running a business online (and offline) in a direct way.

It’s been my dream and vision for 5 years to start my own coaching and training business. I have various business management qualifications, zillion years of recruitment & HR experience and have headed various teams throughout my ‘work life’. Currently, I consult in social marketing and training. I also provide all the social media support for the largest charity support organisation in Cumbria. If I say I do social media and marketing, I actually do, do social media and marketing, to keep my skills fresh and up to date and to pass on all the new trends on to you guys!

Now let’s talk about my own direct sales and network marketing experience (which I discovered on the internet 7 years ago because I basically needed cash!) I was working in HR at the time and our wedding was planned in Mexico but my part-time income wasn’t covering the extras I wanted and needed! So I found a company that sold perfume (I wasn’t even on Facebook then) this gave me up-to 33% cash commission, bingo!! I could easily sell that to the women at work and so I did!! Then I started to team build and within 12 months I had reached one of the most senior levels you could achieve with the company which allowed me to quit my job, and continued to qualify for various holidays and cars. Today my team stands at around 9,700 members and I still drive a gorgeous Mercedes and create new superstars using the systems I am going to share with you guys!!

As I said earlier – I walk the walk, not talk it!

I built my business from scratch and with no previous experience or contacts and built a team online, using social media. Because of the area I lived and lack of local friends, I lived nowhere close to any major cities or teams so I joined Facebook and created ‘online training systems’ that we all still use today. This is when I found my passion for social marketing. I literally geek out over social media and the impact that technology has on relationship building.

I live in Carlisle, Cumbria UK and have two grown-up kids and married to one (Clint – he’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’2″ so we’re little and large!) We have a weird and happy life, and I’m sure the neighbours think we’re bonkers and come recycling day think ‘that Sharon likes her pink gin and zinfandel wine on a weekend” I love hair bows, pink & teal, love to travel and ‘literally’ say what I think, oh and I do like to drop the occasional swear word!

I look forward to working with you!

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