Do you have a Facebook Group that has been lacking in engagement and you have decided to give all the idea’s in my last article on how to quickly fix the engagement in your Facebook group. You are maybe more aware that you need to step it up a gear so are going to schedule some daily posts to help keep consistent and let your community know you are around and want to know more about them.

Let’s talk about how to get an active group again

We are now going to bring the fun back to your group as we plan some weekly (or once a month) facebook games, offers and live parties, product demo workshops or even by hosting a monthly prize bingo night!

Be seen to be unique

Having a unique offer ONLY available to group members makes people WANT & NEED to be in your community. The fear of missing out on something is a very powerful thing!

This is what excites people, they have to be in your VIP group to get this offer. Another way to grow your group is to promote your VIP benefits on your business page and personal profile – funnel people into your group and start engaging with them and finding out their pain points, the main struggle they have at the minute and maybe you can help them with from makeup-tips to product demonstrations to gift bundles and hampers you can personally create but ONLY if they are part of your community!


You hear it all the time and all over social media, but it really is the best way to increase engagement and grow your business. There are so many ways/topics/games you can go live with and I share some more below but start to think about sharing what you actually do and what your company do with a simple ‘pop up shop’ and for 5 minutes share what products you love and why.

Share a makeup tutorial. If your target audience is over 40 years old, explain the benefits of that product range and how to apply eye-makeup if they have hooded eyes.

Share a delivery day and ‘open the box’ and explain what each product is and the benefits to your viewers, I call these my ‘pop-up shop’.

Share a monthly Q & A session for 30 minutes, create an event in your group and ask people to post their questions where you can share the answers/tips live.

If you make jewellery do alive ‘how to’ and share the monthly product special you have that won’t be re-created again or share how to wear the product and what clothes/necklines look best.


Host a launch party or open house LIVE

Host a 30-minute open house party (even better if you get a booking) create an event so you can post product photo album link and answer questions, but then go live for 30 minutes, walk through your home showing your own products and explaining what they are and how to use them – set up an area in your home (like a party setting) and have a party!

create engaging graphics

In my own group, I have a theme a day and schedule them out Mon-Fri for as far as ahead as I can using my favourite scheduler Cinchshare (get 37 days free to trial using the code CinchFree).
Idea’s include:
Tuesday – Tip Tuesday
Friday – Promo Friday
Sunday – Selfie Sunday

Another idea is to create graphics that need simple and quick to reply to comments, just like these that always prove entertaining

Using only one word, describe the best part of your day so far.

Get to know your audience by asking questions

Ask questions that need a quick and simple response, ask questions people to answer and starting a conversation should be the first thing you should always think about when posting in your group and don’t forget people LOVE to talk about themselves and share their day!

* Comment with a gif how you met your partner.
* What are you watching on Netflix at the minute? I need ideas.
* Who is going out wining and dining at the weekend? What are you doing?
* Does anyone else lock themselves in the toilet for 10 minutes peace and quiet away from the kids?
* Pick up the nearest book to you and turn to page 56. The first sentence explains your love life COMMENT and give us a laugh
* Show us your very first Facebook profile picture.


Create a post at the beginning of the month asking for 10 people to be product testers if your company offers or allows you to make up product sample packs.

The product tester will receive various samples to review and leave their feedback on your personal profile, page or VIP group. This ensures everyone on your list of friends has a chance to read the feedback given (and if you know you have an awesome product, this won’t be an issue)
Also, consider including a discount voucher if they then go on to purchase a full-size product that SAME month. All my own product testers receive a letter with written product & review instructions.

FM specific idea:
Purchase some organza bags from eBay or Amazon along with some 5ml and 10ml nail art/sample pots.
Fill your organza bag with 3 fragrance samples x1 10ml pot of hello honey body pudding. I use big pots for body products, needing a good dollop to sample and get on peoples skin to see how it really smells and feels. I also add x2 5ml pots of maybe silicone base, Utique facial oil, aloe vera face cream, Slim Extreme 3 day supply or CC cream sample (this is just a small dollop to test on the skin and enough for using twice)
Print out an instruction letter on how to give feedback with listed products and enclose a voucher
Limit this offer to 10 only for the month – and if you had a VIP sample pack the previous month you cannot take part this month.


Purchase company products (around 10) of various value and ideally when your company has an offer is the perfect time to purchase!
The cost of a tombola ticket is £10 and the value of goods (retail price)  can be £13-£30 depending on the offers your managed to grab from your companies offers.

FM Specific:
This would be a great start to hosting your first online party and doing this on your personal profile and showing everyone what you now do!

When you start your FM business you are given the opportunity to purchase a selection of products at a huge 60% discount. For example, you can purchase a month supply of Nutricode ‘slim extreme’ for £28 (rrp £60) and you can then split this pack up and offer free postage for a 7-day trial pack at £10, people are testing and you are earning!

Look at these offers you can make a profit on straight away!


I am known to love a good themed ONLINE party and my own 80’s team training was a night not to be missed and the intro was quite something else – I’m not afraid to mime a good Bananarama tune!

Whatever the season is, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Wimbledon, Fathers Day or depending on what is happening around you (and everyone else), create a fun themed party that could revolve around TV shows and music specific to the theme. How about a 90’s night or a ‘Friends TV Show theme’, the list is endless, you just have to get a little bit creative!


Whatever the season is, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter, Wimbledon, Crufts, Fathers Day or depending on what is happening around you (and everyone else), create a fun quiz that could revolve around TV shows and music specific to the theme.

Fastest finger to answer get’s a point and then have a draw for the winner if there are a few of the same points. Winner win’s a lucky dip product from your range and a voucher off their next purchase and a brochure.


This is one of my favourite games and always get’s full interaction and giggles from my group members. We have used apps, widgets and various gadgets but all in all the one that never fails is my classic bingo calling machine I purchased from Argos in the toy section!
You can even get one on Amazon HERE


This game has to be the all-time favourite of all my guests and even my team members when we play this in team training.
I screen share my Youtube channel (I use software for my Facebook lives) and then share a pre-recorded race and then the fun begins!


The best way to help increase your engagement and group members is to create a once a month event. Then create excitement and build it up by promoting it everywhere, every week on all your other platforms. Get people excited about it and wanting to be in your group to take part. Make it a monthly (or fortnightly game) people want access to things other people can’t get access too.
Here’s how to play.
Create an event inside your group

Pop this as a description of your event:

Hi everyone!
Hope you’re all looking forward to Deal or No Deal!

Here’s how it works if you’ve never taken part before:
✿ A selection of items will be uploaded into an album and will remain in the event until a deal is made or the event comes to an end.
✿ If you see an item you like and want to take part, simply comment on the picture with a genuine reasonable offer. We will then take your offer into consideration and comment Deal or No Deal. Please do not be offended if we say No Deal – we are simply taking into consideration our costs but we will consider all offers carefully.
✿ If you get a No Deal and wish to increase your offer, simply comment again with your new offer. Offers with be dealt with in order of comments.
✿ Please only comment on an offer if you are willing to pay that price for the item should a deal be agreed.
✿ P&P charges will still apply. P&P will be stated on the items and will be combined with more than one item.
✿ Payments can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque, ‘un-crossed’ Postal Order or Payment Plan.
✿ Payments must be made within 48 hours of the event ending to avoid the order being cancelled unless otherwise agreed by messaging us.

Enjoy, treat yourself and grab some fab early gifts or treats

Do you play games in your Facebook Group? What’s your favourite? I’d love to know

Did you enjoy my article? Which one are you going to try first?

Are you on Facebook? Why not pop over to my business page and tell me your thoughts on the above post or comment below

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