I don’t know where to start or what to blog about

Is this you? Are you holding yourself back from making a mark in your company? I get this answer all the time, so I thought I would give you all some idea’s on how to start a blog in your direct sales or network marketing business so let’s start at the beginning and cover why you actually need to blog.

Why you need to blog:

Stand out from the crowd (not many people are doing it)

Make it your own, you can still link it in with your replica website.

You can funnel people back to your post from your ‘call to action’ on that blog post.

Google loves to help people searching for what you can offer them!

Become an expert in your area.

It’s content to share on every social platform you are on.

There are also another 6 reasons you should have a blog

3 Types of blogs

FREE SITES: WordPress.com – Choose from their themes, its super easy (it has limitations, not many widgets) blogger.com is another free and super simple to get up and running and into the blogging arena.

SELF HOSTED: WordPress.org – Install your own themes and widgets it is all your own, it’s your own piece of the internet (hosted by GoDaddy, Hostgator and chargeable) You purchase your domain name, you control every part of it including it being found in google search.

MICROBLOGGING: Just login & post – Twitter is a microblog, 280 characters. Simply add an image and post your content and share it with the world and your followers. This again is a great way to get started, see if you can compose content and share it and get people following you before you progress onto your first blog site!

“I don’t know what to blog about”

This is the most common remark I get when I ask people ‘why don’t you start to blog?’

Think of your customers, your ideal crowd;

What are they asking google?

What are they searching for?

How can you help them with the answer?

What questions are you often being asked? (check out your companies Facebook page, their are your questions to answer in a blog post)

What are they looking for on Pinterest?

These are some good starting places for idea’s when writing an article and here 52 weeks of post ideas to give you a weekly focus

More worries some people have

I’m not technical – start with a simple site like WordPress.org or Blogger

I don’t have the time – If you don’t have time you shouldn’t blog, you need to commit to weekly or fortnightly posts

What if no-one reads it – It’s down to you to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. People WILL read it and then you are now becoming an expert in your area and look much more professional than the other local consultant. Maybe you also need to look into what keywords you are using and not set up on Google search properly (that’s another blog post)

What if everyone reads it – Then you have fulfilled your strategy and are now being noticed. Great work!

Now let’s get started

Go choose your platform

Choose your colour/theme

Choose your topic and wrote (300 words minimum)

Keep writing and sharing the post everywhere on social media.

Which blogger are you?

Midlife Blogger

Non-techie blogger

Slow Paced Blogger

Nervous Blogger

Whatever type of blogger you are, you have a voice that can help someone searching for your advice… just start writing!

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