Just keep sharing & Overcoming the Objections!

After today you’re going feel more confident in following up with your potential recruits

Now on to the last day of our training and this is where things get really fun! Today we’re going to learn how to get more confident in sharing the business opportunity and products with everyone and getting your ASK into gear.

Did you know that by the time we turn 1 year old we have heard the word “NO” 400 times, by the time we are 5 years we have heard it over 200,000 times, when we are a teenager we have heard it over 400,000 times and by the time we are adults we have heard “NO” way more than we have ever heard the word “YES”. You would think that we would be able to handle hearing that word!

In network marketing, our biggest fear is hearing that dreaded word. When we start in network marketing we start with passion, enthusiasm and hope. Then when we start to hear the word “NO” it starts to breed doubt in our decision to start our own business which then leads into frustration and if we do not get over this FEAR many people end up giving up as it feels way too hard.

As humans, we are designed to protect ourselves from being hurt and the scariest part about asking the question is that we are always worried that we are going to sound too salesy or pushy – and then when you hear “NO” you want to protect yourself.

Now let’s cover some questions that you will face, if not already done so – but let’s see how you could best answer them!

Q) I have not got any money to buy the kit
A) You really need this business then. Why don’t you have a party/show catalogues and a few sample products around and from the commissions earned you will be able to buy a kit. There is such potential for you then. Or maybe do what I have done, I had a massive clear out and raised the funds on eBay.

Q) I am really busy and haven’t got time!
A) There are 24 hours in a day; it’s about putting aside some time each day that will help you to get out of the situation you are in. I cut out daytime TV to make time for doing some work and now I’m seeing great results. How about asking a friend to join you in the business and you can share the time and double the rewards!

Q) I don’t like selling!
A) Most people don’t. With our business, you can use the products yourself. Then from your own experience you then just recommend them to family and friends like you would a good restaurant or film. How about building your own team? You can do that in Network Marketing and enjoy the products yourself.

Q) I don’t think I can do this
A) Why don’t you try some of the products for yourself? Once you believe in the products the recommending comes naturally. Then you will be able to share this opportunity with others.

Q) I don’t know many people!
A) There are 60 million people in the UK and this business is also worldwide! You will be surprised who you know, just look at your friends on your mobile phone, and address book, on Facebook. (A few people can lead to thousands of people). I am an only child and have no siblings or larger family, I also don’t have a large social network of friends, but I still manage to order for myself and sell to a few local friends and friend via Facebook just from them seeing my posts and product demonstrations and seeing my own lifestyle. Remember Attraction Marketing.

Q) I cannot make a decision now until I have spoken to my husband/wife first.
A) I can arrange a day and time to talk to you both together, is tomorrow evening at 7pm good for you? I can zoom, Skype or call you on Facebook – what is best for you?

Q) It sounds like a pyramid scheme!
A) A pyramid is illegal here in the UK. The sponsor DOES NOT earn a commission from adding new members joining the business our kits don’t come with a points/earnings value, we only earn from sales made just like any other business. We have a physical product, pyramids do not.

Q) I haven’t got time to go round and see everyone
A) You can get a replica website. There are many tools and websites to help train people from the comfort of your own home. There is so much technology available with our company. There are webinars, downloads of presentations and a full upline support team. I also don’t go round lots of people, I work 90% of my business online.

To be able to be successful you need to be able to remove the emotional connection to the outcome and FOCUS on WHAT WE CAN CONTROL!

We can control supplying people with a TOOL to get educated about your company and business opportunity, but you cannot control their decision. Did someone MAKE you join – or did you get EDUCATED and then made an INFORMED DECISION to start your own business.

How to change your MINDSET when it comes to asking:

  1. Disconnect from the outcome
    • Focus on educating to get people to a point they understand and can make an informed decision
    • Focus on building friendships and relationships with people, because you want to.
    • Remember it is not about YOU – it is all about THEM and their own goals
  2. Be your authentic, just be yourself.
  3. Share with passion.
  4. Be bold and strong to build your confidence muscles.
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Well that’s it folks and it’s been great, don’t you agree? I hope you really have learned from these sessions and are now ready to, if not doing so already – building an amazing business.



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Author: sharon howat

I help entrepreneurs in network marketing look deeper into social media by sharing online strategies to help grow a loyal fan base using attraction based marketing so they can confidently run an online business by sharing their own uniqueness from keeping social marketing & personal branding real, authentic and from a place of service

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