Can you believe our training is nearly over? this one is another biggie & I know you’ll love it!

Time Management 

The key to growing your home based business is managing your time – spending time on retail AND team building (if that’s the road you want to go down).

I set aside time to work in each area and plan my day the night before. Working from home full time means I STILL have to plan my day to cover my social media training, maximise sales and my own team’s needs and their training sessions and needs, so I need to plan to be effective and to not lose the plot completely!

You have to touch your business daily. Allow 1 hour a day for maximising the social media side of your business when starting out. Plan on what you are going to post on your Facebook page and maybe Instagram, what text will you use, start to build up your own product images and not corporate ones that 50+ other people are using – STAND OUT. Leave business cards and flyers with people and business ‘you pass in a day’ saying ‘text ########’ for a catalogue.
It’s amazing how a little and often can make a big difference!
MUST READ PLUG: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Weekly Planner
Put Everything in Your Planner
Whether you use a paper calendar, your Go Pro planner or an online version (like trello), or even on your phone/iPad, start the habit of scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly tasks.

Let’s start with a daily plan.
Schedule Daily Tasks
Your daily Planner may include items such as client meetings, responding to emails or phone calls, research, filing, project work and even breaks. At the beginning of each day (or the night before), prioritize all of the things you absolutely have to get done that day including your personal appointments. Estimate the time needed to complete each item and block out portions of your day accordingly.

Personal Events
Dentist appointments, children’s sports activities, social events, etc. should be added to your planner first so you can work the balance of your day around those items.

Weekly Tasks
Now let’s look at your weekly plan. Weekly items may include reports to clients, networking opportunities, updating your blog, invoicing, and filing (yes, filing again because we all know this gets pushed to the backburner most times). Using your daily schedule, see where these items can be fit in most appropriately. When is the time of day you flag? Use this as your filing time (I always burn out from 2-3pm – so I use this time to do email replies and filing)

Monthly Tasks
Monthly tasks are next. Perhaps you complete billing once a month, your monthly accounts or attend monthly networking events. Put these on your planner along with the joyous filing and purging old documents. Other monthly responsibilities may include Facebook marketing special offers and monthly business development (incentives, tasks, team totals etc.) business referrals and testimonials.

Plan Quarterly Tasks
These may include creating and distributing a newsletter, updating your business plan, or developing/reviewing your budget and personal goal sheet. Once you have entered into your calendar all of the MUST DO item, you will have a clear picture of available blocks of time. If you find yourself running out of time before you run out of tasks, take a look at the list again and determine if there are any items that can be moved to a different day/week/month or delegated to someone else in the family to help and gain some experience of helping mum/dad at work.

USE Your Planner
Once you create a plan, YOU MUST maintain it. Keep your planner open and visible or even in a separate window on your computer. Set a timer if necessary to keep yourself on track. When the timer goes off for an allotted task, move on to the next item. Follow this plan and your ‘Completed’ list will grow by leaps and bounds and you will be much less stressed. The key to time management is balancing the tasks you need to complete with how much time you have available to complete them. Nobody has extra hours in the day. But if you learn how to budget your time wisely, you can regain control of your life.

Shop Drops & Fragrance Angels

Now here is a simple way to retail and at the same time find a potential prospect. Get someone else to do the work for you!

If you have an office nearby (or a friend who works on one) and can get samples or even make your own, take a little organza bag with 5 samples inside a book and price list. Leave it with the receptionist ask her/him to show it to their work colleagues. You can even offer her/him an incentive to do that, maybe 25% cash or cash off their own order from sales received or offer a FREE product of their choice for 5-9 orders and a FREE higher value product for 10+ orders. Try not to be too tight, think of the bigger picture, more personal points/prv and more future repeat custom and potential team members.

Facebook Personal status (or go live)
Can you get me an order for 5 bottles of perfume/aftershave from your friends, playgroup or at work?
If you can – GET ONE OF YOUR OWN CHOICE from our 50ml Pure Collection (his or hers) range worth £13.50 FREE. Inbox me for further information & let the challenge begin!


Ask her/him to collect the money for you. Fix a date that you will return to collect the samples and order (usually the same day, the following week or earlier). Create a bit of urgency so that it doesn’t get forgotten. Take a contact number so that you can call to check if they have finished with the samples and leave your card so they can call you if they have orders ready before your due date to go back.

I hear you say “you said a potential prospect” yes, that’s right, the receptionist (or your friend) has already seen how easy it is to sell. They now are a hot prospect. You should point this out either when you collect the order or deliver it.

If they want to find out more I would recommend that you don’t try to show them the business while they are at work. Instead, try to arrange a time to meet away from their work.

So that’s a nice and easy way to get a new prospect and make a few sales. This can easily be repeated with a number of different businesses around the area. Bars, doctors, estate agents, shops, hairdressers (as for feedback), friends in factories. Where do you walk passed daily or weekly? They will have staff and a staff room – so why not pop in the next time you pass.



Are you feeling brave? Can you go live on Facebook yet? If not, go live in our support group for 2 minutes as if you were speaking to friends (which you will be) but show us your products and what you will give us for being an angel and helping get you sales and PRV.

Will you go live on your personal profile or business page (hell, why not do both!) then share the link back into our VIP group so we can come and support you an help your engagement get higher by giving you more views!

Tomorrow’s final session will be all about OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS and we have all had to deal with them!

Weekly Planner

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