Time Management, when working from home in network marketing or direct sales is crucial as you have to balance your home-based business alongside running a home, being a parent and possibly working another business alongside this or even having a job which can be a constant juggling act if you let it.

You have to really be strict with yourself and your time and get into the habit of working towards a weekly plan to help you keep to the task which can be really hard with those everyday distractions.

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Let’s make a virtual contact list

Networking on Facebook can be very easy once you pop people into special ‘lists’.

[bctt tweet=”Watch my quick video tutorial on how to do it and hear some of the advantages of creating a list on Facebook. I go through the complete process of finding people and how to add them to your targetted list.” username=”sharon_howat”]

I use lists for everything from having a specific list of my team members so I can remind them of any important training or company updates to a list of potential customers and clients.

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When you are building a business online using social media, you have to have a regular presence.

Is your online shop open for business today or are you keeping it a secret?

If you are not been seen to be available and open, then you won’t be building relationships and profit.

Post a status everyday and show people you are around to help, be the expert and be the consultant people want to shop with an refer you to friends!

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Something I love to share with everyone is a spotlight on a team member ‘Meet one of the team’. I like to ask and share with everyone what is it really like to be part of the FM World business? Hearing stories from other members of the company in their own words is very important to me as I like to be as open an honest about the company as I can and my team members are just like me,
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Have you been in network marketing (or sometimes referred to as direct sales) for a few months (or even years) or maybe you have just started and felt like sometimes you are on your own? You are definitely not on your own.

Even if you have the best upline and team support in the world it doesn’t take away the fact that you are working from home and sometimes working to goals on your own.

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