Just keep sharing & Overcoming the Objections!

After today you’re going feel more confident in following up with your potential recruits

Now on to the last day of our training and this is where things get really fun! Today we’re going to learn how to get more confident in sharing the business opportunity and products with everyone and getting your ASK into gear.

Did you know that by the time we turn 1 year old we have heard the word “NO”

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Can you believe our training is nearly over? this one is another biggie & I know you’ll love it!

Time Management 

The key to growing your home based business is managing your time – spending time on retail AND team building (if that’s the road you want to go down).

I set aside time to work in each area and plan my day the night before. Working from home full time means I STILL have to plan my day to cover my social media training,

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Show, Sell & Tell

Many people are put off when they think they have to sell, with Network Marketing you can also choose to build a ‘network’ and focus more on team building.
They think they are going to have to persuade, arm twist or even have the gift of the gab to make this happen. Your products will sell themselves if you have started using them yourself and started to shout out about them,

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Let’s join some groups & make new friends!

So today we’re going to widen your net by starting to build your social community networks. It’s SUPER SIMPLE and it’s VITAL towards the success of your business!


Most people tend to not think outside of their local town when they start thinking about building their team. They think that they need to be able to meet the person over a coffee to be able to chat about their business opportunity.

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Welcome to the training!

Let’s start to get your business moving in the right direction and maybe help you re-focus if you have lost your mojo and it can happen to the best of us, but more so if you are working on your own with no coach or group support!

This training will be full of daily tips & advice on getting the best start out of your home-based business and it will help answer any initial questions you may have,

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