I don’t know where to start or what to blog about

Is this you? Are you holding yourself back from making a mark in your company? I get this answer all the time, so I thought I would give you all some idea’s on how to start a blog in your direct sales or network marketing business so let’s start at the beginning and cover why you actually need to blog.

Why you need to blog:

Stand out from the crowd (not many people are doing it)

Make it your own,

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So you’ve just started a blog or have always put one off because you’re unsure of what to write about. If this is you, then these 52 weeks of blog post ideas prompts should help you get started and keep you being consistent to help get your blog noticed. Happy blogging!

A year’s worth of blog posts

  1. Latest trends in your industry, share the news with your followers.
  2. About me ’20 things you didn’t know about me’.

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Why you should invest and build a blog to run alongside your network marketing and direct sales business

I’ve always blogged about my life & shared my network marketing journey with others and here’s why I think you should have a blog as part of your online strategy too.

Here are my 6 reasons to blog

  1. Think about this, your blog has shareable and ‘evergreen’ content ‘forever’ and builds up people’s relationship with you.

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