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Time Management, when working from home in network marketing or direct sales is crucial as you have to balance your home-based business alongside running a home, being a parent and possibly working another business alongside this or even having a job which can be a constant juggling act if you let it.

You have to really be strict with yourself and your time and get into the habit of working towards a weekly plan to help you keep to the task which can be really hard with those everyday distractions.

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Just keep sharing & Overcoming the Objections!

After today you’re going feel more confident in following up with your potential recruits

Now on to the last day of our training and this is where things get really fun!

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Can you believe our training is nearly over? this one is another biggie & I know you’ll love it!

Time Management 

The key to growing your home based business is managing your time –

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Welcome to the training!

Let’s start to get your business moving in the right direction and maybe help you re-focus if you have lost your mojo and it can happen to the best of us,

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