You cannot fail to see all the talk about automating your messages by using a Chatbot response assistant. Love them or hate them they are here to stay and can really help you run your business in ways you maybe had never thought about. Let me share with you a beginners guide to using a Chatbot in your network marketing & direct sales business.

Here are 6 ways you can use a chatbot in your own direct sales and network marketing business

I have also added below, a walkthrough on how to set up a welcome message to get the ball rolling pretty sharp after signing up for a free ManyChat account.

I have been using my own ‘bot’ for some time now and find it a great tool in helping me grow my own list, try it out here from my Facebook Comment Bot I created over HERE

People who subscribe to your alerts can each now get a message notification of a new blog post or any message you want to tell them, how about a 30-minute warning to when you’re going live!

Benefits of having a Chatbot include:

  • Promote new content
  • Share new products & services
  • Increase response time, your business is working 24/7
  • Grow email list
  • Connect with your team and train them

6 Ways how you can use a chatbot in your direct sales and network marketing business

  1. Promote when you are going live, give your followers a 15-minute warning
  2. Promote a new blog post, you can connect your RSS feed to your ManyChat bot
  3. Promote a sign-up form which can then release a freebie, so you are also building up your email list, it’s a sneaky way to direct people to your website signup form!
  4.  Promote a new post which can lead to product knowledge by offering the person to click on the option suitable to them like ‘choose the right lipstick shade’ and offer further options to ‘please click your skin tone’ then you can lead them to various shades suitable to their skin tone.
  5. Team training, offer questions and answers based on their current needs and you can share important company updates and must-see documents.
  6. Customer knowledge. Share product tips and ingredient benefits, filter answers & questions to be product benefit specific. Offer solutions to their current needs and problems.


I am going to walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a simple and effective chatbot for your Facebook page using ‘Many Chat’ which is available as a free or paid for service at SIGN-UP VIA YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE.

The free service gives you plenty of workable options to get you started and creating an instant reply message for your customers and to help you grow your contacts.

Make sure you turn off the default Facebook response assistant in the message settings of your business page. You will now be using ManyChat to be your assistant.

Sign up for a free ManyChat account by going to and sign up using your Facebook account – connect the business page you want to use (you can connect more by upgrading your account)
Now let’s make a welcome message

In your ManyChat account back office, select the header on the left-hand menu AUTOMATION then select WELCOME MESSAGE. Now progress over to the welcome message and type what you want the person to read when they connect with your bot and if you want them to hit a link to direct them to your Facebook VIP group, business page or your website, add that here.

You can see below I have added a link button to my website, a link button to my messenger bot (you will create this link later) and a link to my free website training. You can create a button and link it to a phone number, web store, photo album ANYTHING this is your time to promote!

TIP sometimes I find it much easier and quicker to write out my ‘flow’ beforehand and then type it up on the system.


If you would like to know how to make these step-by-step, why not signup for my Chatbot beginner’s masterclass HERE, the first 10 people that signup gets it for ONLY £10 and access to our sparkly new customer VIP Facebook group!

Are you on Facebook? Why not pop over to my business page and tell me your thoughts on the above post or comment below

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