Continuing on with the theme of finding new opportunities this is a great time to mention the importance of Social Media for your business, have you planned on learning a new platform this year or to really get amazing at the one you enjoy using already, is this part of your business strategy? I’m going to share with you 4 top tips to help you increase engagement & product awareness online.

Let’s start with customers

Do you know where your customer hang’s out? Are they mainly on Facebook throughout the day or Twitter on an evening? Do they enjoy pinning idea’s they find on their Pinterest board? If you have thought about your ideal customer, which should be the first thing you do when starting up your business (we touch on this in my free 5-day mini training with free workbook) then this is the first platform you need to learn and focus on. You don’t need to be on every platform out there, just get good at one and focus on being amazing on it so you can easily post on your business page (or a targetted Facebook Group they are in) a post that hits the button of your ideal customer.

Are you finding your customers in the social space yet?

Remember customers don’t purchase from you overnight or after one post they see, it takes about 4/5 posts before they decide they like you, trust you and want to know more about you and your product. So keep posting regularly to build up that relationship and they will soon get to know who you are and also start to love your product as much as you do.

increase your engagement

4 top tips for increasing engagement & brand awareness

1) Post regular. You have to be seen on your business page, even just 3 quality images or engaging statuses is enough. Let people know there is someone behind the scenes and ready to answer any questions about your company and products, they may have by sending you a message or following your website links.

2) Share your stories. Let people know how your if you can interview a customer, a previous party hostess and perhaps add a 2-minute video (or go Live) and share an image. Touching peoples emotions is what will help increase your organisation’s awareness in the online space. Watch this video I share in one of my training and you will see how the power of using words really can be, just from making some changes to what you write or say


3) Use hashtag days. Day’s of the year are fantastic to create content and engagement so use them to your advantage and show your business to the wider worldwide online space. There are various days of the year which you can then find or create an image suitable to post on social media. Share the post on Twitter and get your name seen by even more people who will perhaps then follow you and maybe need your products or opportunity at some time in the future or know someone who does. They will remember you and refer you.

4) Use GIFS. Facebook introduced GIFS, so want us to use them. I have found that posting simple questions with ‘comment with a GIF’ has been the most engaging at this moment. An example would be using the days of the year and turning it into a question.
Q: On the theme of love, comment with a GIF where you first met your partner.
Q: Can you remember who your heartthrob was when you were a teenager? Comment with a GIF
Try it and see how your page engagement increases, and ALWAYS reply using a comment or a GIF, keep the conversation going which tells Facebook wow she has great content so we will keep showing her followers and their friends this post!!

You don’t need to know it all!

You don’t have to be an expert in social media to promote your business, you just need to have access to at least one like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. Choose one platform to start with that you are comfortable in using then become a regular user and watch your engagement rise using the tips above.

And don’t forget to schedule your posts which will free up so much of your time throughout the week to focus on money making activities like planning parties, events and team building.
*Facebook much rather you scheduled through their own system directly than using a third-party scheduler. I use Cinchshare for scheduling in my online parties and events and for team posts, Instagram and Pinterest. Enter CinchFree on signing up for a free 37-day trial which is approximately £8 thereafter

hashtag days of the day

Some hashtag idea’s for you to use in February, can you create a catchy image to match?

Saturday 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day #randomactsofkindenessday

Monday 19 Student Volunteering Week #studenvolunteeringweek

Saturday 24 Real Bread Week Starts #realbreadweek

Thursday March 1 St Davids Day #stdavidsday & also World Book Day #worldbookday

Monday March 5 The start of British Pie Week #britishpieweek

I hope you found these 4 tips useful and helpful in a way that you can see the power of being active, using words over sales and for making the most of the days of the year. Once you build up a regular posting rhythm your followers will follow and that’s when the fun begins! If you’re not already in our Facebook Community I’d love to see you over there where we discuss everything social daily.

Let me know how you get on with these, I’d love to know which worked the best

Are you on Facebook? Why not pop over to my business page and tell me your thoughts on the above post or comment below

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