Have you heard of the 2 2 2 system? You can use this when sending out samples, taking orders, doing bookings, sponsoring a team and basically anything else that needs you to take action and show a consistent presence to your customers and team members, let’s talk about the 3 easy ways you can turn your samples into sales using this system.

free samples

Let’s use this system for when we hand out or post out samples and how it can increase orders

If your company provides you (or maybe it’s possible to create your own), handing out samples is the quickest and easiest way to build up trust and confidence for a customer. It’s proven time after time the most effective way to gain sales, trust, new customers, new team members and most of all referrals and recommendations for future orders and future team members.

If you work for a business and you don’t have a sample kit or selection of products to show people with product demonstrations then you will find it much harder to get off the ground.

No samples? share your own products on screen

I have always used YouTube for building my own business and find that today I can still share a video of me demonstrating a product is just as effective to get a sale over not sharing anything at all. People buy from people who they know, like & trust meaning you have to get your products out there in person with samples, product 1:1 home demonstrations/consultations or via party plan and if you can’t do any of those then you would have to create a YouTube channel like I have, go live on Facebook or go live on Periscope, but you have to get the products out there for them and you to be seen and to stand our over over consultants!

Heres a video sharing drain cleaner – as you can see the video sells the product itself and you don’t have to even show your face if you are not confident

Here’s another demonstration, I share another product using the product itself and my face

Now back to the power of selling with samples

A great way to get samples out there and to promote what products you offer is to promote and share a simple post on social media with a link to a google form (sometimes Facebook won’t play nice with links, so offer this in your Groups, or post the link in the comments), that way you have ‘content’ to share which is valuable and important to your customer and to your business. It is a simple point of contact that will start the sales process, which you need to have in place.

Here’s an example of my sample request form, which I also have one for a catalogue request.

FREE SAMPLE using Google Forms

FREE FM BROCHURE using Google Forms

Now once you get the form filled back and you are doing your daily checks, this is when the work actually starts and you can now start to begin the constant process of filling up your referral cards and diary of who and when you sent the sample out too and when do they need a follow up with them.

This is the start of the follow up process.

*You can store your information in various ways from a desktop calendar and index cards (locked away in a cabinet due to data protection laws) or use an online excel spreadsheet or an online filing system such as Trello.

following up from sending samples in network marketing and direct sales

How to start the conversation & follow up process

You post out your samples on Monday, so on Wednesday get ready for your first contact…

Follow up in 2 days

“Hi Jill, just dropping you a quick message to let you know your samples, instructions and brochure have been posted and are on their way, you should get them soon. I can’t wait to hear how you get on with them, I look forward to getting your feedback and will contact you soon to see how you got on”

Now here’s what you have done in that message:
1) You confirmed her samples were in the post and can expect them soon, which builds excitement.
2) Confirmed the instructions on usage were included (if relevant).
3) You will be contacting  her again soon, so she will expect your call or message because you value their opinion.

Now to Follow up in 2 WEEKS

Here’s an example of what you can say in case they haven’t already messaged you saying how amazing your products are and they want to buy a job lot already! This is a great opportunity to keep the conversation going and remind them about your product and website.

“Hi Jill, I just thought I would see how you managed to get on with the samples I recently posted. How did you get on, what did you love about them and do you have any questions for me, I’m so excited for your thoughts?”

Now here’s what you have done in that message:
1) You reminded her again that her opinion is valuable to you.
2) Reminded her you had sent something to her.
3) Reminded her to use the sample. Samples un-used are not good for your business!


This is the time you chase up and remind the person who wanted to sample your products that they requested them and now you can step on the gas a little with them.

“Hi Jill, I hope your keeping well and are looking forward to the weekend. I just wanted to quickly catch up with you about the sample I chose for you, how did you get on with it? I hope you enjoyed it. I wondered if maybe the time would be good for you to get that product for free by hosting a party (online or at home) I’d love to know your thoughts?”

Now here’s what you have done in that message:
1) You haven’t forgotten them.
2) The sample which was personally selected for them.
2) They can get more for FREE.
3) Requires a response other than yes or no.

Using this simple 2 2 2 method gives you the opportunity to get the conversation started and follow it up throughout a 2-month process. This gives you the ongoing opportunity to get new sales from your samples, a new party or even a new team member.  Its simple enough to never forget that you have to follow up an action with everything in 2 days, 2 weeks and another touch in 2 months.

I apply this contact process throughout my business and would love the opportunity to mentor you. I offer a free 5-day mini training and a larger personal 1:1 coaching or if you would like you could even enter the world of perfume & cosmetics and join my own team and work with me 1:1 that way.

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