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Welcome to my blog by sharing my tips, training & strategies to the top, tips you can edit and work into your own business!

I couldn’t run a blog and training site if I never had a specific section for everything FM World, it’s who I am and what makes me the networking professional that I am.

You will find lots of posts on how I work the business and I hope you find these helpful in adjusting to your own business no matter what sector you are in.

I always believe that if you are going to teach people how to do something successfully then you should be doing the business yourself, too many people are ‘fake it until you make it’ but not with me!  That is why I will always work my FM business alongside this site, I walk the walk and pass all the knowledge and working tips onto you!

I had never tried anything like network marketing before. I had only ever heard of Avon, Oriflame & Tupperware and knew I wanted to sell something different so I went on a big google search and found FM Cosmetics and that was it, my mind was now working overtime and knew my friends and work colleagues would jump at the chance of saving up to 75% off their usual spend on designer perfumes by switching to FM Perfume!


I am an Amaranth Orchid leader based here in the UK and I am a mum of two (now grown up) children. Until a few years ago I worked in HR, then I decided to work my FM business full time by training and showing others how to make an additional income stream by simply wearing and referring FM perfumes and cosmetics and getting paid to do so, who doesn’t want to get paid for smelling great?

So what attracted me to FM and still attracts other members to it? It’s the fact that you are NOT committed to being a constant seller with high sales targets, you are not forced into doing party plan just so you can hit sales targets so you can earn from your team (with FM its only about £20 a month in orders you need to place as a team builder). [bctt tweet=”It is your business.  YOU choose what you do with it, work as, when and where you want. There are no obligations to order or monthly spending requirements unlike some other companies with auto-ships before you even make a profit and earn some extra cash!” username=”sharon_howat”]

So is what you say you can achieve real? Well I am a strong believer in walking the walk and sharing what is true and achievable via my own experiences, within my own first 5 months of team building I reached 21% ‘Golden Magnolia’ level in the company and also qualified for a Peugeot 107 car then  4 months later I become ‘Pearl Orchid’ which brought me extra cash bonuses and incentives. Then 3 months later I hit the next level of ‘Amaranth Orchid’ and qualify for the A-Class Mercedes!  All this was within 12 months of starting my own FM team and surprisingly, I have never looked back. I continue to qualify for car incentives and holidays such as Turkey, Dubai, Italy and Greece to name a few. There are always incentives to work towards if you want them and who doesn’t want a free holiday as a thank you for your hard work and dedication to the business?

To me, FM isn’t just a part-time job it is a social life where I can meet like-minded people and make lifelong friends from all over the world. I love being my own boss, it means I can put in as little or as much time into the business that I want, whilst juggling life and the everyday stuff of housework and family life. I now have a large team of (around 9,500+) consultants and that continues to grow daily. I love helping people achieve their goals and I continue to mentor and develop my team with regular training events and online events.  I aim to give everyone wherever they live the best support and training they can have which helps develop their own skills to achieve their own personal dreams & goals.

Anything is possible with FM if you truly want to change your life, then you can. I did, and with a little bit of hard work you can get there as well.

FM is in over 45 countries and has over 750,000 business partners just like me, promoting and sharing the fantastic FM brand which is constantly growing.

FM WORLD (Federico Mahora) was started in 2004 in Wroclaw, Poland by Mr Artur Trawiński. Due to the popularity of its perfumes and dynamic leadership, it has become an international success story.

Today, FM WORLD products are known and appreciated on six continents. Over 900,000 Business Partners cooperate with FM WORLD and this number is continually growing. By using the network marketing business model, the company is able to offer high quality products at attractive prices.

The main product line of FM WORLD remains high quality Federico Mahora brand perfumes. This range has expanded to include body lotions, shower gels, aftershave, hand creams, shaving foams and skin care for men and women. In addition, we now have three more exciting product ranges.

Mineral Make Up high quality make-up products, rich in minerals, plant extracts and essential oils that provide the skin with a beautiful and natural look. The range includes cosmetics designed for different types of beauty and skin complexions.

FM For Home  range designed to keep your home clean and beautiful. The assortment of household products is continually evolving, it also includes car care cosmetics and pet care products that are perfect for pampering of your four-legged best friends.

AURILE  is a brand of products created to be enjoyed. Excellent quality natural and flavoured coffees meet the expectations of even the most discerning gourmets, whereas the innovative formulas of functional coffees are an absolute novelty on the market. Not only that. Newly introduced excellent quality loose leaf teas are already considered bestsellers. The offer is complemented by high-end barista accessories and elegant porcelain sets.

NUTRICODE  is a complete range of supplements from vitamins for children to a complete weight management programme, you can visit NUTRICODE WEBSITE for more information and view the complete range.