When I first started blogging (about 3 years ago) I was clueless and looked everywhere for help and ideas on how to actually blog,  I  then stumbled across Crystal & Kelli on YouTube  from ‘Learn to blog hangouts’ and there teaching style was right up my street (meaning super easy to follow and learn from).

Check out their fantastic FREE group on Facebook full of tips and advice on blogging Learn To Blog Hangouts. 

Now I’m back on the blogging track and this time I have a focus and more importantly a meaning to my site. I want to widen my training and support women like you reading this post, but make it simple and quick to get going. So it’s back to Crystal & Kelli and since I last blogged they now have a complete training package which I have to say is just the best thing  – you don’t have to sit and spend hours on YouTube or on Google looking for the perfect course and ‘how to’ posts, these guys cover it all – so save yourself the time and get cracking straight away and building up your content and getting Google to find you and your business (these are affiliate links).

Cheat Sheet Bundle: Learn the perfect way to have a landing page, site critique, perfect blog post structure £53 ($75) usually $29 each!


Dominate The Search Engines:  Here you will learn how to log in to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools using this 30-day workbook, learn what’s going wrong with your blog and what you should be doing to get up in the searches!  £53 ($75).


Skyrocket Your Page Views: This is the next 30 day challenge on my shopping list, this one focuses on Google Analytics and helps you get to page one on Google. £53 ($75).


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