Have you decided how your business will approach the upcoming seasons? Have you planned your sales strategy and what parties or workshops you will promote? This can work great with online parties and Facebook Live demonstrations too. Let’s look at some health, wellness & beauty ideas to increase your sales depending on the season.

How about planning a summer makeover or a winter workshop and these can cover just about every network marketing and direct sales business out there, just take a step back and change your words.

Here a just a few idea’s to keep your business going and to give you some content idea’s for social media and for creating graphics using Canva or Picmonkey.

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Let’s start with a spring makeover event

Makeup: Spring clean your makeup bag, it’s time to freshen up your makeup and throw out that out-of-date makeup, and yes – makeup has a short shelf life. How about creating a graphic with your replica web address on and sharing it on social media? Create one Pinterest size and share it there as well – valuable content for your followers who will appreciate you sharing your tips and advice with them.

Skin Changes
The thing with beauty & skincare is that every season our skin, hair & body changes with them so we need to be looking at our products and routines along with the seasons and purchase/change our products to go with our needs better. Think about a winter workshop or a new year, new you event.

A fragrance is just the same, a perfume you wear in winter will certainly be too heavy and strong to wear in the summer, everything changes!

Health and Wellness: Spring clean your wardrobe, what fit’s and what doesn’t fit. This is the perfect time to promote ‘get slim for spring’ and offer sample trial of your product. Purchase a full item and split it into 1 week or 2 weeks trials. Recoup your spend, earn the points and get a new customer.

How many of us throughout the winter season get bouts of SAD, we have no energy and feel pretty flat and are we are desperate for some vitamin D and some natural sunshine?
How many of us the minute we step off a plane into sunshine suddenly feel much better?

The health & wellness industry can play a large part to help us in-between our trips and seasons with various vitamins and supplements.

Never forget the seasons of mood swings, extra weight in our tummy area’s and bums and also the need to feel refreshed and energised when we cant get on holiday to do it for us.

Handbags & Jewellery

Another great excuse to have the girls round is a handbags, jewellery and pamper night.
Do you sell makeup? why not purchase some handbags and add them for sale at the party.
We all need a new handbag for summer and a new shade of nail varnish in spring.
Winter is a great time for adding your warm colours to your display as well.

These are just a few idea’s to get the grey matter turning over, but Keep thinking of alternative ways to promote your business even if you sell tea and coffee there is always a season for everything. Now is the time to think of how to create some new sales ideas for your business.

Which one of these idea’s will you put in place?
Have you tried something different, share with us and let us know all about it in the comments below.

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