Have you decided how your business will approach the upcoming seasons? Have you planned your sales strategy and what parties or workshops you will promote? This can work great with online parties and Facebook Live demonstrations too. Let’s look at some health, wellness & beauty ideas to increase your sales depending on the season.

How about planning a summer makeover or a winter workshop and these can cover just about every network marketing and direct sales business out there,

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Have you heard of the 2 2 2 system? You can use this when sending out samples, taking orders, doing bookings, sponsoring a team and basically anything else that needs you to take action and show a consistent presence to your customers and team members, let’s talk about the 3 easy ways you can turn your samples into sales using this system.

free samples

Let’s use this system for when we hand out or post out samples and how it can increase orders

If your company provides you (or maybe it’s possible to create your own),

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It’s all about using unique images and quotes

Are you looking for coffee quotes to use for your direct sales or MLM business?

I know how hard it can be to come up with ideas for putting on your social media images so I’ve created 60 coffee quotes for you.

There is also a link to some great free graphics you can also use them with. Just log in to any of the graphics creation systems (Canva,

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Let’s talk about free stock images

If you are selling tea and coffee in your FM business or in any other network marketing business, I’ve put together 6 places to access and download free stock images for your business.


This is a new site so you cannot register via Facebook – hit the ‘sign up via email’ link and you get access straight away to some fantastic images of food &

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Make starting your first ‘work from home business’ much easier, join with a friend

With FM World you can both join FM as a business partner for free and share the amazing 10-day discounts giving you 60% discount on many products including our world famous designer fragrances. You will have double the chance of hitting the levels quickly and earning the cash incentives, product vouchers and discounts!

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Something I love to share with everyone is a spotlight on a team member ‘Meet one of the team’. I like to ask and share with everyone what is it really like to be part of the FM World business? Hearing stories from other members of the company in their own words is very important to me as I like to be as open an honest about the company as I can and my team members are just like me,
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So why sign up a preferred customer with FM World, what are the benefits, apart from it being FREE to register?

The great advantage of being part of the FM WORLD is the fact, that the company offers so many products that we all use daily such as perfumes, body care products, household cleaning and maintenance products and others such as weight management, vitamins, herbal teas &

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