We all get it and have all probably been there at some point, the moment when no-one comments or even acknowledge’s you have just posted something that ‘you think’ is amazing in your VIP group.

I will now share with you some possible ‘why’s’ as to why people are not engaging with your Facebook posts and I will also share some tip’s and idea’s for how you can increase your engagement in your VIP Facebook Group.

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You cannot fail to see all the talk about automating your messages by using a Chatbot response assistant. Love them or hate them they are here to stay and can really help you run your business in ways you maybe had never thought about. Let me share with you a beginners guide to using a Chatbot in your network marketing & direct sales business.

Here are 6 ways you can use a chatbot in your own direct sales and network marketing business

I have also added below,

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Let’s make a virtual contact list

Networking on Facebook can be very easy once you pop people into special ‘friends lists’.

[bctt tweet=”Watch my quick video tutorial on how to do it and hear some of the advantages of creating a list on Facebook. I go through the complete process of finding people and how to add them to your targetted list.” username=”sharon_howat”]

I use lists for everything from having a specific list of my team members so I can remind them of any important training or company updates to a list of potential customers and clients.

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When you are building a business online using social media, you have to have a regular presence

Is your online shop open for business or are you keeping it a secret? Have you posted on Facebook today?

If you are not been seen to be available and open, then you won’t be building relationships and profit.

Post a status every day and show people you are around to help, be the expert and be the consultant people want to shop with an refer you to friends!

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increase your attraction to customers by going live!
We’ve all been there when the sweat beads start pouring out of every orifice and then we just do it – we go to hit that GO LIVE button and just forget what comes next!

Here are my top 10 tips for going live on Facebook which should help you reduce them sweat beads.

1) Make bullet points – write them large so you can see them.

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